About  Redlab

Rik Balder, also known as REDLAB, was born in 1968 in the Netherlands. In 1997, he started his journey in photography after completing a long-term internship with a renowned photographer in Amsterdam. For the first four years, he primarily worked as an art photographer, and then spent many years working with commercial brands in advertising photography and marketing. His deep passion for art led him back to his roots after a long path of growth, exploration, learning, and spiritual maturity. This prompted him to leave behind the commercial world and return to the essence of where it all began. It is in this realm where he feels at home and can express his multidisciplinary thinking and skills in photography, videography, etching, and drawing, all self-taught. This multidisciplinary approach is also reflected in his subjects, ranging from dead trees to a paper dance performance, from minimalistic to grandiose. Many of these subjects derive inspiration from mythology, philosophy, and theology, which can be understood as psychology through visual representation. In essence, his art is a visual monologue, an ongoing process of discovery, and he invites the viewer to bear witness to his path: the shaman's path.