In my life, I have regularly used psychedelics, not for fun, not for a festival or party, but purely as a means to travel through my mind. I often took these mind journeys alone, without others around me. This made it difficult at times to maintain a connection to reality, so I used talismans - objects that kept me grounded in the present moment.

Talismans, totems, and other rituals are elements that you see in my work. They pay homage to the many dimensions that exist in my experience. My mind journeys often brought insight into nature and, especially, the state in which humans exist. For this reason, I chose to move from the busy western part of the country to the east, where there is much more nature and many places of natural tranquility. I use this peace to heal and reconnect with the natural world - something I could experience as a child of the 70s in the west but has largely been lost due to the explosive growth of the city. Here is where my path as a shaman lies, where I can return to nature worship, to the power of the elements, to all the gifts that nature provides me.